Ohana Digital Services

Content Management & Social Intelligence to Grow your Business

Organize and store photos and videos in your own virtual gallery, accessible from any device. Plan and schedule social content with an easy-to-use, visual drag and drop content calendar. Find and repost user-generated content.

Content Management

Our tools will monitor your brand’s key KPI’s, including follower growth, reach, engagement and post-performance. These results will be shared in a comprehensive report, allowing you and your team to make informed, real-time decisions about your social strategy.

Social Content Performance and Community Health

We will track how your brand performs against its competitors in terms of follower growth, engagement, posting cadence, sentiment and activations.

Competitor Analysis

Our proprietary analytics tools will identify key conversations about your brand happening not only on your channels, but social media at large. Custom reports will be shared with you and your team, allowing you to manage your social community efficiently and effectively.

Social Listening

We vet, reach out to and connect with the best influencers for your brand. In exchange for products/services, influencers feature your brand in high value social posts, and also create photography and video content for you to use in your social feeds. All social coverage will be reported and analytics will demonstrate an exceptional ROI.

Influencer Marketing